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Magister Group has been offering Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) services since 2016. Our organization was founded to assist individuals with relevant experience and/or qualifications in obtaining accredited certifications. This enables them to pursue employment, start businesses, and seize opportunities for a brighter future.

Our commitment to reputation, integrity, service, and results has propelled Magister Group to become one of the most trusted RPL providers globally. We maintain close partnerships with Registered Training Organisations and Migration Agents to ensure we deliver up-to-date qualifications and reliable support.

To date, we have assisted hundreds of individuals in achieving their aspirations of obtaining Australian qualifications based on their experience or previous education. Magister Group is s a leading RPL consultancy, known for our results-oriented approach, exceptional ethics, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Available Categories

Aged Care
Health Service
Business & admin
Hairdressing & Beauty

What is RPL?

Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment pathway you can utilise to recognise the skills, knowledge and experience gained through work experience, life experience, training courses and work-based training. This is assessed against the evidence requirements of one or more units of competency.

Benefits of RPL

Enhancing employability, mobility, social inclusion, and self-esteem.

RPL aids non-traditional students, providing opportunities for those who may not have had the chance to pursue further education.

Top 4 Benefits of RPL

  1. Apply for Work - With an RPL-acquired qualification, you can seek employment in your field of expertise while continuing your studies.
  2. Save Money - RPL offers a cost-effective path to earning a qualification, significantly reducing course fees.
  3. Get Recognised - Convert your industry experience and qualifications (including those from overseas) into a nationally accredited certification.
  4. Save Time - Complete the RPL process in a matter of weeks, allowing you to bypass studying some or all units of your qualification.

How Does the RPL Process Work

Achieving a nationally recognized qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) involves evaluating the skills and knowledge you've acquired through both formal and informal learning experiences. This process determines whether you meet the criteria for a specific unit of study. You can submit various types of documentation to apply for RPL.

RPL assesses the competencies you've developed through your work and life experiences. For instance, experience working in an office may help you earn a certificate in business administration, while working on a farm could contribute to qualifications in agriculture or mechanics.

RPL Process


Start by utilizing our free skills assessments to determine your eligibility for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). After completing the assessments, an RPL specialist will have a brief discussion with you to guide you through the next steps.


Once you identify the qualifications you qualify for, we will provide the necessary documentation to begin. Our team will assist you in collecting and organizing your supporting evidence to match the required units of the qualification.


We will handle the meticulous task of compiling and organizing your evidence to ensure you successfully achieve your qualification through one of our trusted Registered Training Organisation (RTO) partners.


Finally, the moment of success! Once you meet all the unit requirements, the Skills Recognition & RPL process will be complete, and you will receive a government-approved qualification from one of our esteemed colleges, universities, or training organizations.


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