Magister Group has been providing RPL services for over 6 years.

Our service was established in Perth Western Australia in 2016, we now have branches in most Australian cities as well as in India, Kenya and Philippines to help people who have the experience and/or qualifications to acquire an accredited qualification to seek employment, establish a business and have an opportunity for a greater future.

We are currently expanding to other countries through strong and reputable associations.

Our reputation, honesty, service, and outcomes have seen Magister Group grow to where we are now as one of the most trusted RPL global providers. We work very closely with Registered Training Organisations and Migration Agents so that we can provide current qualifications and honest support.

We have helped thousands of people to achieve their goals and dreams in acquiring an Australian, Canadian and New Zealand qualification based on their experience or previous education.

Magister Group is a leading RPL consultant, with a strong RESULT driven background, unsurpassed ethics, and a customer satisfaction focus service.


Is to eventually be able to work with Government Approved Training Organisations globally to assist people from all walks of life who have the experience, training, and qualifications in getting the recognition they deserve, be certified which will enable them to seek employment, a better life, greater future or further education.

What is RPL?

Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment pathway you can utilise to recognise the skills, knowledge and experience gained through work experience, life experience, training courses and work-based training. This is assessed against the evidence requirements of one or more units of competency.



Free RPL Skills Check
Start with Free Skills Assessments and determine your eligibility for RPL. When it is completed, you will have a brief discussion with an RPL specialist who will walk you through the process.


Submit your portfolio
After you identify the qualifications, you are eligible for, it is time to get started! You will receive several documents to start the process. We will work with you to gather your supporting evidence and make it easier.


Through Partnered RTOs
We will take care of the hard work and will organise and compile your evidence so that it is aligned with the units of the qualification you are after. This helps you to successfully achieve your qualification from one of our RTO partners.


Get Certify
It is time for the good news! The Skills Recognition & RPL Process is complete provided you meet the requirements of each unit. You are then issued with a Government Approved Qualification from one of our College/University/Training Organisation partners.


Global Opportunity

An Australian qualification gained by an RPL process is Globally recognised in seeking of employment

Continued Education

Get a qualification via an RPL process to assist in continued education application

Apply for work

With a qualification via RPL you can apply for work in your field of experience even as you study

Get Sponsorship

A qualification via an RPL process can be beneficial in getting a sponsor once in Australia

Get recognised

Get your industry experience and/or qualifications (even overseas) recognised into a national accredited qualification

Save money

RPL is a cost-effective way of achieving your qualification, allowing you to save a substantial amount off course fees.

Save effort

Avoid repeat learning and classroom study by recognizing what you already know, from the comfort of your home.

Save time

RPL can be completed within weeks, exempting you from studying one or all the units of your


Extra Income

Greater Service Reputation

Foundation for Company Growth

Increased Service - Increased Clients

Why Magister Group?

Magister Group since 2016 has grown 200% in the provision of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) service.

Our growth is due to these factors:

  • Honesty
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Strong partnerships
  • Quality of service
  • Quality education associations
  • Established processes and procedures
  • Transparency
  • Vision
  • Results

Our results

  • Over 4000 certified clients annually and growing
  • 99% currently employed via our RPL qualification service

Magister Groups prides itself in its association with over some of the best colleges in the world.

All qualifications are issued by Government Approved Registered Training Organisation partners across Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Magister Group is constantly sourcing the best and most compliant training organisations to provide the best qualifications and services possible to Magister Group’s growth and the growth of our partners.

All Qualifications are legitimate, Government Approved and issued by Training Organisations partners with a professional reputation.


Magister Group has now formed strategic associations with registered training providers in Australia – Canada – New Zealand


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